Do you expect your drinking water to be clean and healthy?

This was not the case for the residents of our municipality in Ronneby, Sweden. In December 2013, it was discovered that the drinking water was highly contaminated with PFAS, with over 10,000 ng/liter found in the water. Our blood samples showed an average of over 600 ng/ml PFAS, the highest ever measured in a population.

PFAS chemicals are toxic and harmful to the human health

This contamination had been unknowingly distributed to over 5,000 households for decades and has resulted in many residents becoming ill with everything from unusual forms of cancer to other negative health effects, some have even lost their lives.

Our municipality and government turned their back on us

We, the residents of our municipality, did not sit idly to let this injustice continue. In 2015, we formed the non-profit PFAS association and took legal action against the municipality. We won the case in 2021 but the decision was overturned in 2022 by the Court of Appeal, we are now seeking justice in the Supreme Court. In May 2023, we were granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. In the 5 of December the Supreme Court gave us right against the municipality!!

Why is this important for all of us?

This is not just a battle for our community, but for all of us. A victory in the Supreme court will lead to a new direction for how the Swedish legal system handles similar environmental situations and can impact how other countries handle similar situations. It will also put pressure on companies to stop producing or using such toxic chemicals.

We are in a David vs Goliath battle, and we need your support!

The next battle for compensation from the water company Ronneby Miljöteknik is now beginning. A crucial part of our struggle is to gain access to expertise in healthcare regarding PFAS risks, ensure that members receive health checks, and have opportunities to detect health conditions at an early stage so that interventions can be implemented in a timely manner! 

We therefore request your support so that we can continue the fight. We did nothing wrong; we simply drank our water, expecting it to be clean and healthy. 

The PFAS association is a non-profit organization that does not charge any fees for its profit.

100 SEK = 9,82 USD$ = 8,91EUR

Thanks for your support!       

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